Two Halves Make a Whole

When you are running a crochet business, it seems like the yarn stash never goes down. Especially as you have to purchase yarn pretty consistently to stay on top of orders. This means that some of the other yarns that you purchased along the way, such as impulse purchases, get left farther and farther behind. Also, there may be half skeins left over from other projects.

What do you do with all these extra skeins? It’s easy enough to make a hat from some of the single skeins, but it’s the half skeins that tend to the problem.  I spent some time earlier this week matching up some half skeins to make striped slouch beanies! While half a skein of worsted weight is not enough for a hat, two halves are! As in two halves make a whole!

Here are a few hats that I made using these half skeins. They can be found in the Basic Slouch Beanies section of my Etsy shop.

2014-05-022The ones where I combined the solid and variegated yarns are my favorites!


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