Stash Down!

Yikes!  Has it really been 4 months since I blogged?  I really should try to be a better blogger this year.  So I guess Happy New Year is in order for my readers…if I have any left! 😉

As with most people, the new year always brings the need to organize.  I recently found some great organization for my yarn at Home Depot.  They are the Rubbermaid All Access storage bins.  They have a clear front that pulls down to open.  I am amazed that it took so long for a company to come up with this idea.  It’s genius for yarn organization!  It has also helped my productivity because I can see everything I have at a quick glance.

yarn stashHowever, all this yarn organizing has made me realize that it’s time for a Stash Down!  I found so many miscellaneous skeins of yarn that I didn’t realize I had.  In addition, I am fully stocked on the yarn that I use the most in my Etsy shop.  For the next 4 weeks, I am putting myself on a “no buy”.  That means no random trips to JoAnn’s, no online orders, etc. until February 18th.  This will force me to get creative with all the miscellaneous stuff.  I will try to check back here in 4 weeks and let you know how I did.  Wish me luck!


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