New Camera/New Hobby

I am never satisfied when it comes to my Etsy shop, so I am always looking to improve something.  Lately, I have been finding that my product photos just aren’t cutting it…in my opinion anyway.  I decided to get an early birthday present and buy myself a new camera.  I upgraded from my Canon Powershot to this beauty:

This is what is called a bridge/superzoom camera.  It has a lot of features, but is much less expensive than a DSLR.  It also has a 30x zoom which is pretty awesome.  I am already feeling like it is taking better product shots.  The colors in the photo below came out so vibrant!  The listing can be found here:


What I am also finding is that I am now enjoying taking photos and discovering all of the features this camera has.   I am definitely a super novice when it comes to photography, but I am trying to learn all I can.  I have been pinning photography tips on Pinterest, signing up for newsletters, and liking photography Facebook pages.  I guess you could say I have found a new hobby!  You also might find me blogging some photos other than items in my shop. 😉


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