Stash Down Final Tally

I know I was supposed to check in about mid-month, but it slipped my mind.  Sorry about that!

The final tally for the stash down ended up being 25 skeins.  I also used a lot of scraps also that were not in the original count.  I am happy with the results even though I did not quite make it through the whole month.  I caved on not buying any yarn and placed an order 3 weeks into the month.  The sale and coupon savings were worth it, though and it was all yarn for shop items, nothing for me personally.  The order did not arrive until yesterday and I did not use any until today, so I still call this whole thing a success! 🙂
I may try this again some time, but definitely not during the busy season. 😉  March was actually a good month to choose since it is the end of the busy season.

Edited to add:  The original starting count actually was revised to 102 skeins, since I sent 8 big skeins of cotton yarn to a friend.

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