A Fun Diversion

Sometimes I get really wrapped up in creating items for my Etsy shop that I forget about having fun while crocheting.  Since my busy season is almost over, I have been having a little bit more down time.  I took advantage of a sale on classes at Craftsy and took the Design Your Own Monster Class by Stacey Trock from Fresh Stitches.  I really enjoyed the class and Stacey’s fresh approach to design.  Even after crocheting for over 4 years, there definitely were some new things that I learned.  Stacey is definitely a great teacher!

I could not wait to try out some little monsters of my own.  First I made this one which I adapted from one of the patterns included in the class.  I adjusted the pattern for the amount of yarn I had.  Her name is Penny and she came out so cute!

penny2Just looking at her makes me happy so I will definitely keep her around if I am getting stressed out or moody.

My son asked me to make a little monster for him, so I also made this as yet unnamed little fella.

IMG_20130217_124619The photo is a little blurry because I took it with my cell phone.  This guy is only about 3 inches diameter and was very quick to make.

I am looking forward to making more monsters in the near future.  They are great for using up yarn remnants and they make me smile.  And who doesn’t need to smile every once in a while? 😀


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