Live your life in color!

When my Etsy shop first evolved to Color My World Crochet, my intentions were to offer lots of hats and other accessories in a variety of colors.  However, as my shop got busier and more and more customers were buying the basics, like gray, tan and brown, I backed off a bit on the color.

Recently, a family member showed me this page from a magazine.

This has completely re-ignited my passion for color!  So much inspiration here!  I placed a yarn order for a few new colors to add to my collection.

Alfalfa Lady SlipperSeashellCaution

I absolutely love these colors and they also will help get me through the rest of the gray winter days.  They definitely say Spring to me!  Time to get out of “neutral” and live my life in color!


One thought on “Live your life in color!

  1. What pretty colors – LOVE the green!

    My winter coat is dark brown and it NEEDS a pop of color. I say yes to pretty colored hats!

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