Fear of Stripes…No More!

Well, it wasn’t really a fear of stripes, it was a fear of weaving in ALL.THOSE.ENDS!  However, recently, I designed a couple of hats that have helped me lose that fear and actually have made more more enthusiastic about adding some striping to hats.

The first one was made with a lot of leftovers I had from different projects.  The trick here was to make the stripes wide so although I am adding several colors, it’s not so many that I have a kajillion ends to weave in.


For this hat, I only used two colors, but alternated the stripes every row.  Instead of cutting the yarn and joining a new color, I just carried up the color.  Basically when I was finished with that color for the row, I would just drop it and grab the other color.  It kind of weaves itself into the work.


I am definitely looking forward to incorporating stripes into more projects.  You can find these two hats in my Etsy shop.  I hope to be adding more soon!


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