Last September, I crocheted the first hat that I had made in a very long time.  Hats were very intimidating to me up until that point.  I seemed to be always off on the size…too big, too small, or just oddly shaped.  Then I finally hit upon a few patterns that really boosted my confidence.  I also came across a magazine article which was very helpful in determining how to size the hats properly.  Since I found that success, I have not stopped creating hats and have even designed some of my own patterns.  I estimate that I have crocheted over 70 hats since September, 2011 but I think it may even be more than that.  What a difference 8 months makes!!  Of course now, hats are my absolute favorite thing to make and I like trying out new ideas and stitch patterns on them.  Here are some of my more recent ones:

Cloche/Flapper Hat

Slouchy Beanie

Summer Beanie

Summer Cloche

All of these hats are my own design created from basic concepts that I learned all those months ago.  I look forward to designing and creating many more! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hattitude

  1. I love the Summer Cloche hat its my fav and the Flapper hat and the slouchy beanie too. Would you be sharing or seller these patterns. I would love to make these for myself. I do not sell my work, I do make them for gifts. I love your style. You create beautiful work.

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