My Favorite Yarns – 100% Acrylic Worsted Weight

Now that I have been crocheting for over 3 years, I really have developed a style that I feel is me as well as a certain taste in yarns. Like many others when starting out, I found most of the big box store yarns worked well enough for me. But along the way I have tried other yarns by ordering online and visiting the local yarn shops. I have developed many favorites with fibers, yarn weight, etc. Today I am going to share my favorite 100% acrylic worsted weight yarns with you.

The first one is by Premier and it is Everyday Soft Worsted from the Deborah Norville Collection.  This is a big box store yarn, but it is very hard to find so I have to mostly order it online.

This yarn comes in 23 solids and 24 prints.  I have used almost all of the solids in the line and several of the prints.  This yarn is great quality and works very well for any projects calling for worsted weight.  I have used this yarn on many of the projects posted on this blog, most recently the pink ear warmer and the Valentine’s hat from my Holiday Hat Collection.  It is very soft, but at the same time very sturdy.  The softness of this yarn could almost be described as silky.  I have tried the other soft yarns in the stores and they definitely do not hold up as well as this one does.  My only wish is that it came in more colors, but I hear that they are expanding the line so that could come some time this year! 🙂

The other acrylic worsted that I really like is also by Premier and it is called Dream.

This yarn is also very soft, but I would describe it more as a cozy soft.  It crochets up nearly as nice as the Everyday Soft Worsted and it comes in 46 colors!  I recently made this slouchy hat with it.

I definitely plan on using Dream to fill in the colors that I need that are not available in Everyday Soft Worsted.  Dream is also available in big box stores, but none around here so I have to order it online as well.  I don’t mind ordering online when I am getting a great quality yarn.  I just wait for free shipping codes, sales or both! 😉

In the future I will share some of my other favorites such as wool blends, cotton blends, sock yarns, etc.


One thought on “My Favorite Yarns – 100% Acrylic Worsted Weight

  1. Good idea to share your faves after so much experience with them! Gotta love a soft yarn! Makes for happy fingers while working it. 🙂

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