In the Homestretch!

I am in the homestretch of getting things ready for my first craft fair of the season which is on Saturday, November 12th.  I have continued the hat making frenzy and here are the results of the past few days…

I have had a lot of fun making these and I have been able to try out some new yarns from recent orders and a trip to the local yarn shop.  But I will tell you, my hands and shoulder are aching!  Maybe next year I will pace myself better!  Yeah, probably not. lol 😉

Speaking of the the local yarn shop, I just have to say that I had an excellent experience at Butterfly Yarns, in Wakefield, MA.  The owner has a beautiful selection of yarns and she is super nice and helpful!  She even helped entertain my 10 year old son who was bored of course!  I will definitely revisit this shop!  I have to stash down some first, but I am dropping hints about gift certificates to my family. 🙂


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