Busy Crochet Day!

My creative mojo is so high right now, that my fingers almost can’t keep up.  But knowing how creativity can ebb and flow, I am going with it at the moment.  Who knows, in a week or two I could have total crochet block. 😉

I had a pretty busy crochet day yesterday and made this visor beanie.  I combined two patterns to get the look that I wanted.  I really like how the width of the visor almost makes it look flapper style.

I have made a few different pairs of fingerless gloves over the past year or so, but never found a pattern that I was truly happy with the results.  Well, no one says that you have to do a pattern exactly as written.  Since I have been doing some pattern combining lately with great results, I made some changes to this one.  It originally called for button holes and 9 buttons on each.  Not looking forward to sewing all those buttons on, I decided that I would add bobble stitches and just seam the gloves closed.  They have the look of buttons (I think), yet they slip on very easily!

I wonder where my mojo will take me next! 🙂


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