Purse/Pouch Palooza

As I work towards designing some of my own purses and pouches, I wanted to make some from existing patterns, just to get a feel for different styles and techniques.  Here are three that I made recently…

Supplies: Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted yarn (Really Red, Lava print), Drops Cotton Light yarn (Old Pink)

The print one is a drawstring pouch pattern that I used a few times last year.  I currently have one in my purse that I use frequently for loose change.  The pink one is a cell phone pouch and the red one is a clutch pattern.  I love them all, but the clutch pattern was really interesting because even though it was very easy, the end result looks more complicated and the texture is pretty cool.

I also attempted a lining for the first time on the clutch, given that I have a little more confidence in my sewing skills since making the skirt a few weeks ago.  It came out fairly well, and I definitely appreciated the tips and techniques in futuregirl’s tutorial.  It is a little hard to see in the photo because the fabric color is very close to the yarn color.

Lined Clutch

I did learn the lesson of, “measure twice, cut once”, though.  I measured once, cut  and sewed the lining piece, only to find it was too small the first time, so I had to do it again.  I also added a magnetic snap to the clutch, which works out okay, although it pulls on the stitches a bit.  I have found some techniques online to prevent it from happening on future projects.

I hope to have one other purse finished soon, and then I think I will attempt to design an “inspired by The Sak” purse. 🙂


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