Non-Crochet Crafty Fun!

As I had noted in my previous post, I had received a couple of books from Amazon and would be sharing some new projects.  I hadn’t planned on sharing anything this quickly, but after browsing through the book below, I just had to try something right away!

Sewing in a Straight Line by Brett Bara

This book is by Brett Bara who is one of my crafting heroes.  Her show Knit and Crochet Today has helped me with many great tips for crocheting and now this new book has helped me resurrect my sewing machine from the depths of my basement.  I have sewn a few things over the years, but never any clothing and home dec items.  When I found out about this book, and how all projects were just sewing in a straight line, I knew it was for me.  Brett did a great job with this book and I already have learned some new techniques that I never knew before.  I have never done a French Seam, but I love how it looks!  Everything in the book is explained very well and all of the projects look great!  The first one I tried is this skirt:

My Purple Paisley Skirt

It took me a few hours to make because I was really trying to take my time and read all the instructions carefully and not rush my sewing since it had been so long since I had done it.  It is not 100% perfect, but the style of the skirt hides the imperfections of my sewing skills. I am very happy that I bought this book and I definitely look forward to using my sewing machine again!


2 thoughts on “Non-Crochet Crafty Fun!

  1. Really cute!

    My poor sewing machine is buried under reams of papercraft supplies, yarn and patterns, (sigh) Someday……….

  2. That look great. I haven’t tried a French Seam, had to google it ;). I usually use a straight stitch then zig zag on the seams. I have this book on my amazon wish list for next payday (a week from today).

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