Parfait Cowl

I recently discovered that my local Joann’s has just started carrying my favorite yarn…Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted.  I had previously only been able to order this yarn online, so I am thrilled that they have it now.  I hope it is not a temporary thing because I love having a local option that is cheaper than online prices and no shipping.

Lately, I am really interested in making cowls and scarflettes.  They are a 1-2 skein project, and they keep my attention long enough before my mind wants to wander to another project.  I definitely have come to the acceptance that although I absolutely love crocheting, I am just not a large project kind of person.  Every time I start off something like an afghan, it is okay in the beginning, but then just eventually feels like agonizing drudgery to me.  I won’t apologize for being an instant gratification type of crafter.  I have ALWAYS been that way! 😉

Here is a cowl I made with some fun colors.  I wasn’t sure that I would love this print when I first saw it late last year, but after seeing it in person and then crocheting it up, I love it!!

Supplies: Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted (Parfait), size I crochet hook)

Parfait Cowl

Parfait Cowl


3 thoughts on “Parfait Cowl

    • It’s hard to remember since I made this 5 years ago, but I believe I just did single crochet through the back loop only and then slip stitched the ends together. I don’t know the actual stitch count or finished size.

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