Looking for Inspiration

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a month, but I really have not crocheted over the past month.  I find myself lacking some inspiration right now.  That’s not to say I don’t have projects that I still need to get done, I am just not motivated to do them.

I picked up this Crochet Magazine special issue last weekend at Joann’s.

Easy Living Crochet

I was immediately attracted to the shawl on the front cover, but also the fact that most of the projects are quick.  I am hoping this issue gives me the inspiration that I am looking for.


One thought on “Looking for Inspiration

  1. Just like any other crafts, you can easily go thru a dry spell with crocheting too! I look for simple projects that you can finish in a night – cotton dishcloths are terrific for this and you at least feel like you have accomplished something at the end of the night. Make enough of them and you can cross a few people off your Christmas list! I also like perusing the yarn company websites for easy patterns and new ideas. It seems like the time that REALLY want to sit and crochet is when I have way too many other things to do and it is impossible for me to actually do it.

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