A Tale of Two Ripples

I have a ripple afghan that I have been crocheting on and off for almost 2 years.  I am making this for my older son and I am sure by this time he has forgotten about it.  The problem with it is I decided to do it in single crochet and in dark colors.  As much as I love making something for my son, this has to be the most boring project EVER!  I am usually only able to do a couple of rows before I put it down again.  I sometimes put it down for several months at a time.  I keep giving myself deadlines to finish it and those deadlines keep passing by.  I would say at this point it is about two-thirds done.  I also keep resolving that I won’t start another afghan until this one is done.

Enter the next ripple project…

Supplies for ripple 2: Red Heart EcoWays yarn (Oyster, Lichen), size I crochet hook

This one I am making for my mom and it is a slightly different pattern that uses double crochet.  I also chose nice soft, soothing colors.  At first I just said to myself that I would do the chain and a few rows.  Then I told myself that I just wanted to see how the next color looked.  Then I wanted to go a few rows beyond the color change to see how that looked.  You see where this is going.  At this point, I only want to work on the second ripple, but I need to get the first one done!  It has been way too long.  So basically what has happened is that I haven’t worked on either in about a week.  I guess I will just have to plow through and finish the first one and try to ignore the other.  Or maybe give each one equal time…say one hour on the first one, and then one hour on the second one.  I would welcome any other suggestions because at this point, neither of them is going to get done.


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