Wrapping Things Up

I am doing this literally and figuratively as often happens at this time of the year.  I am trying to get gifts finished as well as my charity crochet mailed out.   I made two more Special Olympics scarves, but only photographed one and the other is already wrapped up and ready to go.  It was a fairly simple V-stitch design in the Blue color with a stripe of Turqua at each end.  The one below was done holding a strand of each color together and a simple half double crochet stitch.

Supplies: Red Heart Super Saver yarn (Blue, Turqua), size N crochet hook

I did pretty well at my craft fair this year, which made me feel great since last year I only sold one item.  I definitely sold a lot more than that this year!  I also made a couple of sales after the fair as well.

I may not post again until after the holidays because I know I will be very busy.  I will check in though, if I have anything interesting to share.  I hope everyone has a happy holiday season and new year!  I look forward to sharing more crochet adventures in 2011!


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