Using My Crochet Powers for Good

I like to crochet…a lot.  In fact sometimes I crochet way more than I can use, gift or sell!  I decided that this year I would use my crochet powers for good and do some charity crocheting.  I chose 3 charities that I would like to donate my skills to and I have been working from there.

First up, I had a goal of making 10 squares to donate to Warm Up America.  These squares will eventually be made into blankets for families in need.  Not only is this a good cause, it is also a great stash buster!

Warm Up America squares

My second charity is Scarves for Special Olympics.  For the past few years, Coats and Clark has worked with Special Olympics and made a call out to the public for crocheted and knit  scarves.  These scarves are given to  the athletes who participate in the Winter games which will be held in early 2011.

I have completed one scarf and hope to make one or two more.

Special Olympics Scarf

My third charity is to donate hats to the local hospital for newborn infants.  I try to make a few here and there and once I have a good amount, I will bring them in for donation.

I am thrilled to be able to support these organizations.  I can’t always donate money, but at least I can donate my time to create something. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Using My Crochet Powers for Good

  1. Do you have a group that you are working with for the squares or are you planning to send them to Warm Up America in North Carolina? We are such twins sometimes – LOL! I have a few baby hats started and had plans for my not-so-baby colors for squares!

    • I plan on sending them to North Carolina. I think the closest group I found was in Lexington, MA. Not even close to me at all.

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