New Book

As I had mentioned in this post, I have been really trying to learn new things this summer and work from my stash.  So far I have tried Tunisian Crochet, found a new love for making bags and just in general trying patterns I would never have attempted before such as the berets.   It really has been a lot of fun and I am feeling that my skills are definitely improving.  I am also getting more confident in my crocheting.  I can actually look at my work and think, “hey, that looks pretty good!”

Finances are still really tight, but I have been hoarding some cash (and a 40% Joann’s coupon) for several weeks now and decided to spend it today.  I received an article this week in my e-mail from the Crochet Me website that was very interesting.  It basically talks about how anyone can start designing their own projects by starting with a new stitch pattern.  I found it very inspiring, so I purchased this book:

63 Sampler Stitches to Crochet

I probably will just start by using some of the stitch patterns for dishcloths, but who knows…maybe someday I will come up with my very own design!


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