It’s All in the Presentation

A dishcloth is a simple item.  It may be fun to make and you can play around with all kinds of colors, patterns, etc., but when all is said and done, it’s basically a crocheted or knit square.   I am making a lot of dishcloths for Christmas gifts and craft fairs so I wanted to do something to perk them up.  Something that says, “hey…I’m a gift, not a boring square.” LOL

I decided to take a trip to the Island Of Misfit Craft Supplies…..aka plastic bins of craft supplies that I don’t use anymore. 😉  I found that I had a whole plastic case of grosgrain ribbon in all kinds of colors (originally purchased here), that was left over from my cardmaking days.  After checking out many different ideas on line, this is how I decided I will present my dishcloths…

Supplies: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton yarn (In Motion). size H crochet hook

It is just simply folding the dishcloth in half , then in thirds and tied with contrasting grosgrain ribbon.  I have sooooo many colors of this ribbon that I should have no problem at all matching any dishcloths that I make.


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