Slow Down

Yesterday I posted on Ravelry looking for budget crocheting ideas.  As I had noted in a post below, my financial situation is changing for at least the summer, and even though I am hoping just to work from my stash, I know that there may be times when I can’t.  I got many wonderful suggestions…

1.  Check out thrift shops and reclaim yarn from old sweaters.
2.  Make plarn from plastic bags, or tarn from old t-shirts.
3.  Check Freecycle or Craigslist for yarn.
4.  Discount online yarn retailers, Michaels 40% coupons, etc.

But one of the best tips I got was…

One Ravelry member suggested a simple 2 word phrase… “slow down”.  What she meant by that was that simple patterns go really fast and use up stash really fast.  During the budget crunch, I should slow down and take the time to learn more complex patterns and techniques, thus going through my stash much slower.  Then, when the budget crunch is over, I will have learned new skills, gained more confidence and I can make the most of whatever yarn I buy!

That was such an excellent tip, and one that NEVER even crossed my mind.

I still consider myself a relatively new crocheter since I have only been crocheting a year and a half.  I have only had the confidence to choose beginner or easy level patterns.

My goal now is to tackle intermediate patterns and learn as much as I can about different stitches and techniques.

I can’t wait to try some new things!


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