My Moderate Stash – Organized

I don’t have a lot of storage space for crafting so I have always been able to keep my stash moderate for just about any hobby that I have been involved in.  The same goes for crocheting.  I have a simple, 2 shelf bookcase where I keep my yarn.  I like to keep it in plastic bags to keep it organized and clean.  Recently I switched over from smaller storage bags to the jumbo zipper storage bags.

My Stash 🙂

These bags are perfect since they hold about 6 of the 3-4 oz. skeins and stack nicely on the shelves.  I definitely wanted to be better organized since I am trying to stock up a little bit because my financial situation may be changing very soon.  Less money = less or zero yarn purchases.  I have been searching out sales and clearances on my favorite or interesting yarns.  I have been able to get some Red Heart Designer Sport and Lion Brand Cotton Ease at Michaels for only $1.99 each and my favorite Red Heart Eco-Ways was on sale at AC Moore for $2.44 (reg. $3.49).  I will be checking out one more Michaels tomorrow for clearance yarn and then I am putting myself in yarn buying time out. :p


2 thoughts on “My Moderate Stash – Organized

  1. Great job of organizing! I see many familiar beloved brands in there, too. 🙂

    I also currently use the method of storing yarn in large ziploc bags (usually grouped by brand), which are then all tucked away inside one giant plastic tub in the closet. I switched to this method after having to dig through all the yarn bundles – which were pleasing to touch, but resulted in many long strands of yarn becoming entangled together, and I THINK this is how yarn stashes breed when we’re not looking… so the ziploc bags makes it easier to dig through and find what I’m looking for.

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