Corner Afghan Progress and Infant Hats

I have been working pretty steadily on the corner afghan and I really like the way its coming along.  I will probably do just a few more strips of color and call it done.  As of right now, its probably about 32 inches so it will be about the size of a lapghan.  That’s the size I wanted.  Just a quick throw that I can keep in the living room.

Supplies: Red Heart Eco-Ways yarn (Aquarium, Peacock, Chamois), size I crochet hook

I have started to make some infant hats to donate to the local hospital.  I like to have something small to work on when doing a larger project and this is the perfect type of thing.  And it’s nice to know that the little babies will benefit in the process.  Here are a couple that I made last week…

Supplies: Vanna's Choice yarn (Mint, Antique Rose), size H crochet hook

This is a great quick and easy pattern that I found here.  I definitely will be making a lot more of these.  I would like to have a pretty good size donation for the hospital soon.


3 thoughts on “Corner Afghan Progress and Infant Hats

  1. Love that afghan! The baby hats are a perfect way to use up leftover colors that don’t amount to much for a large project, as you said. I need to check in with my local hospital and find out about donating hats. (Also nice to see Vanna’s Baby in mint – I haven’t seen an actual ball of that yarn, just a swatch on the website, so I’ve never been able to tell just HOW minty-green it is.)

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