Eco-friendly Stash Busting

I am trying to bust through my stash of cotton yarn so I decided to make some dishcloths.  I am going to make several of these to replace the outrageous amount of paper towels that we go through in my house.  If I make up enough of these, I can just keep them in a kitchen drawer and use them for wiping down counters, cleaning up messes and even hand washing dishes.  I will save money by not having to buy paper towels (about $3-$4 per week) or sponges and it will reduce our amount of trash.  And when they are dirty, I can just toss them in the washing machine since they are completely machine washable.  Here are 3 that I made this weekend…

Supplies: Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn, Lion Cotton yarn, size K crochet hook

The orange/brown one was made using leftovers of 3 different skeins.  I was using one of the skeins and found it did not make the dishcloth large enough, so I used the leftovers from the other 2 skeins to make 3 rows of a single crochet border all around it.  They seemed to coordinate very well!  The blue/tan/brown one was just enough of a skein that I used down to the very last few inches…..just enough to weave in the end.    I still have some left from the green/tan/brown one, but I may have enough to make another cloth.  If not, I can always use the border trick with a solid color. 

The reason I am trying to bust through this stash of cotton yarn is that I want to make way for a new yarn purchase.  I really want to try out another of the Red Heart line of Eco yarns….Red Heart Eco-Cotton Blend.  It is made with 75% recycled cotton of  fabric remnants from T-shirt manufacturers.  I am really loving the whole idea of these recycled yarns and hopefully Red Heart will continue this trend……and add more colors! 🙂


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