New Afghan In Progress

I started another afghan.  Yeah, I know…I should finish the one for my son before I start another, but what can I say? 😉

I wanted to try out a project with the new yarn and then thought about a new afghan to go with the new sofa we will be getting soon.  I couldn’t quite find what I wanted to do until I saw a pattern for a dishcloth in one of my crochet books.  Then I found something similar on the Lion Brand website, but it was done more like a granny square.  So I kind of combined the two ideas and this is what I have so far…

Supplies: Red Heart Eco-Ways yarn (Aquarium, Peacock, Chamois), size I crochet hook

This afghan is done in half double crochet and I am absolutely loving how the colors work together.  I am calling it a corner afghan because I don’t know what else I would call this style.  I am going to continue adding the sections until I am happy with the size.


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