The Best Tribute

So I have been stressing a lot about this tribute that I want to do for my Nana.   After talking with my friend Vicki, and thinking about it some more, I feel that my best tribute to my Nana would be to just carry on the legacy of crocheting.  I know Nana would not want me getting this stressed about something that I was doing for her.  She was happy to find out that I had learned to crochet this past year and gave me a few bits of advice.  I am hoping someday we may come across some of her old patterns and that would be such a treasure!

A small glimpse of the afghan my Nana made for me when I got married.

One of the things that I have been thinking about doing is just adding crochet touches here and there around the house.  Right now I am working on some potholders for the kitchen.  I may add a dishtowel too.  I also plan at some point to make an afghan and some pillows for the living room.  All these little touches will make me feel good about carrying on the crochet gene.  And I know I will think of my Nana everytime I see them. 🙂


One thought on “The Best Tribute

  1. What a great colorful afghan your Nana made! And I can tell you’ve taken great care of it – still looks bold and bright! Can’t wait to see what things you come up with to splatter throughout your home!

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