Catching up on Crocheting

I took a little break from card making to get some crochet projects knocked off of my “to do” list.  I started the curly scarf more than a month ago, but had put it aside because it was taking a long time.  Even though the scarf is only 4 rows, each row has increases in it, so by the time I got to the 4th row, the amount of stitches tripled or quadrupled!  I still like the way it came out though.  Just not sure if I will make another one any time soon. LOL

Supplies:  Vanna's Choice yarn, size I crochet hook

Supplies: Vanna's Choice yarn, size I crochet hook

Originally I was going to use the granny squares to make a small afghan, but I decided to make them into a scarf instead.   I think it looks cute, and I like all the different colors it has.

I just have a few more things on my crochet “to do” list which are:  1.  finishing up the pieces to my son’s Halloween costume (he wants to be Link from Legend of Zelda) and  2.  make some booties for a coworker before she goes on maternity leave.  Other than that, I may just make up some crocheted stuffed animals for the craft fair as time permits.


One thought on “Catching up on Crocheting

  1. OMG I LOVE the curly scarf – how fun is that! (maybe not to MAKE, lol, but it is stinkin cute!) And the granny square scarf is very neat too – kinda has a vintage style to it, trendy right now!

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