Granny Square Progress

It took me a little while to grasp the concept of the granny square, even though its supposed to be one of the easier crochet techniques, but after testing out a few tutorials and watching some videos, I finally got it.  Below you will see my progress starting with the top left. 


Supplies: Vanna's Choice Yarn (Charcoal Grey, Woods Print, Goldfish), Bernat Super Value Yarn (Fresh Lilac)

The orange one in the lower right hand corner is the one I am happy with and the pattern and instructions I will use from now on.  I almost had it on the purple and green one, but I missed crocheting in the right spot, so its a little wonky. LOL  I like how it has the double crochet border around it to give it a little weight.


One thought on “Granny Square Progress

  1. With your leftover yarns, make these squares then put them all together and make a COLORFUL afghan! Fun, fun, fun!

    🙂 Joy

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