Learning to Crochet

For the longest time, I have wanted to learn how to crochet (anything other than a long, tight chain…LOL)  I tried many times, but I just could not seem to get it.  My husband gave me a gift card to Joann’s craft store for Christmas and I was determined to find a book that would teach me, step by step to crochet.  I found one called “I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting”.  The book is very good, with detailed step by step instructions and photos.  I still felt I needed visual instruction though, so I went to their website and took an online class as well.  That helped me tremendously!  I now know how to chain (loosely…LOL), single crochet, and half double crochet.   Soon I will move on to double crochet and treble crochet, but for now, I am thrilled with what I can already do!  I feel like its taken me years to get to this point! LOL  But all I needed was the right instruction! 

For my first project, I decided to make a small baby afghan.  I am just doing half double crochet rows, but I am pretty happy with how its coming out….even if my tension is a bit off.  I know I will get better with practice.

Supplies:  Bernat Berella yarn (Seascape Ombre)

Supplies: Bernat Berella yarn (Seascape Ombre)

I am definitely going to be looking for more beginner projects.  I am just having too much fun with this!! 🙂


One thought on “Learning to Crochet

  1. WOW look at you! I love that you are crocheting I can only do that single chain stitch too! HA HA but with my carpal tunnel I can’t even do that now 😦 Such better colors you picked for the afghan.

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