7 Interesting Things

I have been tagged by Kim and I have to post 7 interesting things about myself.  Hmmm….this might take some thinking! LOL

1.  I don’t really like to cook that much except for events or holidays.  I have one dish that gets requested for almost every family event…..my world famous (okay…family famous…LOL) Chicken Chili.  Its just regular chili except I use ground chicken breast instead of ground beef.  For some reason EVERYONE loves it.

2.  My given name is Patti, not Patricia (I swear!….check my birth certificate!).  I also have a sister Peggy who is not a Margaret and a sister Debby who is not a Deborah.

3.  According to family rumors, we are distantly related to Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) and Anne Boelyn.  There are Clemens in my mom’s side of the family.

4.  My 2 sons are nearly 11 years apart (ages 18 and 7).  Same marriage….just took a while to get around to having my second child. LOL

5.  I absolutely LOVE Disney’s High School Musical.  I have seen the first and second movies several times and have both on DVD.  I have also seen a live stage production of the first movie at the local music theatre and will be seeing HSM 2 live on stage this December at the same theatre.  I also plan to sneak out and see HSM 3 at the movie theatre while my son is in school next week. LOL

6.  I love tea, but can only drink decaffeinated.  Thankfully, Stash Tea has some great decaffeinated flavors! 🙂

7.  I talk to myself….a lot!  I can be found talking to myself in the car while driving alone, while going for a walk, in the shower…LOL.  I have actually found that talking to myself helps me work out problems or issues because I can verbalize them…even if just to myself.

Okay, so that wasn’t too hard.  I am suppose to tag 7 others, but I’m not going to.  LOL  However, if anyone reads this, consider yourself tagged and play along on your blog!


4 thoughts on “7 Interesting Things

  1. Hi Pat,
    I been a “lurker” if you will, for a while now but it’s not that I was lurking 😛 but I have a list of blogs that I read before I even make any comments and I guess the time has come that I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog so much. I’m not creative in any way shape or form but I do love to read blogs of those who can create such beautiful things with their own hands. I know that you are probably on the lists of so many other blogs and I know I came across your blog from one of my blogger friends…I just can’t remember on whose blog that was though!
    But anyway, I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed checking in with your blog every now and then and seeing what you are creating.

    I’d like to add you to my blog roll list if that is all right with you. I know the group of talented ladies on my list will probably recognize your blog name as they, like me, travel to other blogs almost daily. You can email me at deannaglory@gmail.com. Have a great Christmas!

  2. Hi Pat! Just wanted to say hello and see how you are doing. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas holiday.

    Blessing for the New Year,

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