I’m still here…and a little blog treat!

Is anyone still reading this blog? LOL  I haven’t had any card making mojo lately so that is why this blog is so quiet.  I have been doing a lot of loom knitting though so at least my creativity is flowing…..it’s just not bringing me to my stamping area.

I do have a little blog treat though. 🙂  I have some American Crafts Ribbon and Versamagic Chalk Ink (Perfect Plumeria) to give away to one lucky winner!

Blog Treat

Blog Treat

All you need to do is leave a comment on what you do to get the card making mojo flowing.  I will do a drawing from the list of comments on Friday, October 3rd, so please leave your comments by midnight ET on Thursday, October 2nd.

Good luck! 🙂


29 thoughts on “I’m still here…and a little blog treat!

  1. I put on some good music! sometimes I put on my Lilo and Stitch Movie soundtrack to get me started. makes me feel like I am in Hawaii!

  2. Sometimes I have to buy a little something new to use (embellishment, paper, stamp). But then sometimes I don’t have that luxury so I do a lot of blog surfing online. Maybe find a challenge or two to participate in. And sometimes I go through all my cards in my stash – ones I made several months ago or even a couple years ago. Every once in awhile I find one that I really liked back then so I’ll recreate some aspect of it to get me going.

    And sometimes I just sit back and yell “MOJO MOJO WHEREFORE ART THOU MOJO???? WAAAAAA!”

  3. I usually try to find a sketch that I really like and pull out my favorite stamps and just try to get something created. Once that is done, my mojo usually kicks in!

  4. I usually check for a sketch and go from there….and I try to make a card for an upcoming event like a birthday or anniversary….or an upcoming occasion…
    I like to try something different every now and than and learn something new…my latest is movement cards…
    Hope you’re able to get your cardmaking mojo back soon!
    Thanks for sharing some yummie blog candy!

  5. When my mojo’s gone walkabout I usually blog hop – I am then inspired by all the stunning art out there. Buying a new stamp or ink works too!!!

    Love and hugs Hilda

  6. I can tell you that I am really new to this. But what keeps me going and trying new things is surfing peoples blogs. You see some of the most awesome stuff and then you say hey I want to try that. And then you have some inspiration to try someting or do something new.
    Hope this helps. I just found your blog today and in awe. TFS

  7. When I am stopped up mentally, I scoot over to SCS and peruse some of the galleries. Always see so many great ideas that I quickly get back into the mood. Good luck.

  8. My inspiration comes mostly from the blogs I visit. I also look through my various magazines. Wish you luck!! Thanks for the chance to win some “CANDY”.

  9. I usually get my inspiration from blog hopping. There are some very talented people out there! I also browze through the stamp up catalog, put on some music and let the creative juices flow!!

  10. I definately work best under pressure– I sometimes even “pretend” that I have to have something done by a certain time– I also surf tons of blogs and definately split coast. Have a great day!!
    Sherri Alspach

  11. All I do is go in to my craft room turn the TV on think about what different things I saw on websites during the day while I was suppose to be working and do it to it. It doesn’t take long to get into the mood after working all day.

  12. Honestly when I lose my mojo I just sit back and relax, watch TV anything but thing about crafting. Oddly enough….all of a sudden things just start flowing into my head. Works everytime.

  13. I look at my back log of mags and others websites for inspiration. I rarely copy something exactly but I do take ideas and make them my own.

  14. I get the “mojo” going by looking through my supplies. Sometimes we forget what we have and put it out of sight…I know I do. We bought it because we had an attraction to it, maybe even a plan. Every once in a while I “shop ” the closet where I store things. Looking at my supplies bring back ideas or spurs new ones. Challenge yourself to use them and scraps you have saved…invite a stamper friend over and put out some of these. The juices will flow again, you will have a great time, you will use up bits and pieces, get a cleaner space and save money…well for a little while, you know we DO HAVE TO BUY NEW GOODIES!

  15. When I need inspiration…I check out all of my daily emails from incredibly talented peeople like you! Keep up the good work, I love it. Sheri

  16. I look at different blogs and go from there & sometimes I go trough my stamps and find one that is not mounted. I kill 2 birds with ne stone, mount the stamp and make a card

  17. I go through magazines and visit diferent blogs and other sites with tutorial and great creations! That usually made the deal. If it doesn’t… I just buy a stamp I really love. I look for stamps that inspire me and only order one or two at most.

  18. I can’t believe I am the 5th Sherry to post a comment! Let’s see, how do I get my MOJO on? … well, first I grab some chocolate ..then, I will go to the computer and check out my favorite blog sites or I’ll grab my latest Paper Crafts or Cards mags.. usually by that point I am on to making something pretty!

  19. Don’t know if this would work for anyone else……but, I go through my stash and randomly choose one item, then find a cardstock color that works with it. Then I browse through my magazines until I see something that “matches” what I have chosen. By the time I am finished, it has usually truly become MY creation.

  20. “Form follows Function” Rule-

    I think of the function of the card, altered item, or whatever. Once I have a handle on that, the mojo follows. Good Luck!

  21. I’ve recently discovered blogs and find they give me a lot of inspiration. I used to sequester myself in my stamping room, put on my ipod and sort through my paper (I have a LOT) until I found something that appealed to me and then did something with it. It wasn’t always a masterpiece (or mistresspiece), but I always felt better for creating something.

  22. Sometimes I get the mojo back just because I ‘need’ a card for a special occasion….if this does not work, then I go to the LSS and look around at the new things out there….I just can’t see myself going to the nearest card store to pay whatever for a card just the thought of it helps!!!

  23. i usually look through a few of my magazines and come up with some ideas, or i go online and check out eveyone elses blogs and see waht they are doing, but what really gets me going is my card or scrap classes taht i try an attend once a month, that really jump starts the mojo, then there’s no turning back..

  24. Ok, seems like their are a lot of Sherry’s that love the card making world. I belong to a monthly stamp club. Our teacher is constantly on the computer searching websites to find new ideas for us. My advice, try to find a group and bounce ideas off of each other. Halloween is soon approaching, maybe make a few simple cards to send out to friends that you may not have been in touch with lately. Or, not enough time to get them done, shoot for Thanksgiving. Hope this helps!! By the way my teacher, Vicki H is the best!!!

  25. There are a few things I do to get my mojo going.
    The first is to head off to some of my favourite blogs (see my blog roll). There are so many talented cardmakers out there in blogland and they always inspire me.
    The second is to check out some of the blog challenges – they encourage you to use techniques you wouldn’t normally use, layouts you could never drem up yourself or that stamp you’d forgotten all about.
    Thirdly, just pick up a some patterned papers and stroke them – they will encourage you to get more out and maybe actually cut one of them up (ouch!).
    If none of that works, then go online shopping and treat yourself to something you really want and use that when it finally arrives (you know it always takes too long to arrive!)
    Kathleen xx

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