Organized Stash

We recently reorganized our 7 year old son’s room and in the process ended up with a bookcase that we no longer needed.  We didn’t want to put it in the basement because as most homeowners know, once something goes into the basement, it almost never comes out. LOL  Anyway, after it sat in my living room for a couple of weeks, I finally found a good use for it!

I had been keeping my yarn stash in a rubbermaid bin and another storage bag.  The problem was, I never really knew what I had.  I had a thought to put this bookcase in my bedroom in the area that was previously occupied by the bin.  I put my yarn into plastic storage bags and then organized it onto each shelf.  The top shelf holds my worsted weight yarn (acrylic, wool and cotton) and the bottom shelf holds my chunky and novelty yarns.  Now I can see everything that I have and I am embarassed to admit that I have more than I thought! LOL

Oh, and the yarn on the bottom shelf at the far right is the cool yarn I got from Erin in a trade!  Thanks Erin!!

Projects Update:  I finished 2 hats this week for Vicki.  One was another pokeball hat, and one was another flower hat (in pink).  I started another hat in a Neopolitan colored yarn that I am absolutely loving.  I am also going to test another way to decrease the hat at the top and I will post my results with that soon.


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