Felt Change Purse

I have been having a very hard time finding felt projects online that are not kid or toy oriented.  If I was looking for those types of projects, that would be fine, but I am looking for projects to be used by adults such as change purses, envelopes and other types of pouches.  I came across this book in Joann’s a couple of weeks ago and I kept waffling about whether or not I should get it since I was sure I could find similar projects online.  Wrong! LOL  I have found a few, but that’s about it.  I finally decided to take my J’s 40% off coupon and get the book.  The original price was $12.95 and after the coupon it was about $8.00.  This book has plenty of the type of projects that I was looking for!


I decided to make the change purse that is in the book.  It didn’t take very long at all and came out really cute.  I used some felt from a package of plain and printed felt that I got on clearance today at Michaels.

Supplies: CSE felt, DMC Pearl Cotton, velcro

Supplies: CSE felt, DMC Pearl Cotton, velcro


I used velcro to close the flap.  I followed the pattern exactly from the book which makes a two sided purse with flaps and pockets on both sides.  I am assuming the center is for tucking dollar bills into, or small slips of paper.

I definitely plan to make more projects from this book.  There are quite a few that I really like. 🙂


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