NPOTW – ColorBox Sparkle Fibers

Add a spark of life to hand made cards with this new line of fiber like glitters.  Colorbox® Sparkle Fibers work with most craft adhesives, including our new Gripper Strips!  Available in 18 colors (24 Carat, Black Ice, Misty Green, Moonstone, Champagne, Cotton Candy, Pink Frost, Pineapple, Creamsicle, Disco Ball, Snowdrift, Spring Frost, Icicle Blue, Lapis, Winter Grass, Iced Grapefruit, Lemon Ice, Limesicle)

An interesting combination of both glitter and fiber, these would be perfect for adding that extra sparkle to your cards!  Even though personally I am not a huge fan of glitter (too messy…LOL), I might give this product a try!

Check out this link (about halfway down the page) for a great example using this product.


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