Stamp Shack Survivor Entry

Phew!! I made it in time to get my Stamp Shack Survivor entry done. They were due by 9:00 PM ET, only 90 minutes from now!

The object of Stamp Shack Survivor is to outwit and outlast your opponents! Basically, you make a card. You can either make it plain and simple or you can make it unique and/or over the top. The object is to not have the items on your card picked for elimination. Elimination statements will be released every day and if your card contains something that was announced in the elimination statement, then your card is eliminated.

As you can see, I went completely over the top. LOL This frog was either going to be singing in the shower or wearing a tutu so I guess he is lucky that I found these Jolee’s embellishments! 🙂

Frog and “Hello…” are from DRS Designs. The frog is colored with watercolor pencils and waterbrush.


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