Missing Stamping and Fun News

I haven’t been able to get creative at all this week and I am really missing it. The beginning of the week was so busy with soccer and other activities and then I got sick with a bit of a cold. I am ready to get creating again this weekend though.

But I do have some fun news to share! My Christmas Bluebird card was chosen as an I Spy award winner on the Stamp Shack this week! Here are the guidelines they use for choosing the I Spy winner…. Sometimes the final touches and small details are what make a card come alive. It can be the use of glitter; maybe some doodling or even the subtle fold of a corner. Carefully placed details can make a card “pop.” Here are some small details that have made a HUGE difference in projects we recently found in the Stamp Shack gallery.

And here is the comment I received……..Congratulations Pat! Pat designed this Christmas card with non-traditional colors. Striking beauty.

This definitely made my day!! 🙂


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