How cool is this??

I was looking for a bag to store my looms and current knitting projects in. My 16 year old is getting tired of having to move my projects aside on the love seat…lol. I really like the bag that Provo Craft makes specifically for the Knifty Knitter, but it is not sold around here and it is $20 online before shipping. I decided to do a little searching around here to see if I could find a bag that would suit my purpose. I have noticed that when you go to the craft stores and look for craft-specific bags, they usually cost a fortune, but if you look in other stores you can usually find something that can be re-purposed. I have done this in the past when trying to find organization for my stamping supplies……Home Depot is great for that!! I can get great organizers for about 1/3 of the price of what they would be in the craft store.

Before I went out today, I knew I wanted something with a roomy inside for current projects and to hold my round looms, outside pockets for holding some of my long looms and also room for magazines and booklets. I also wanted something that had a Vera Bradley-look to it. It took a few stores before I found what I wanted, but here is what I got.

It has 2 pockets on the front, 1 large pocket in the back, 2 elastic pockets on each side and 2 large pockets on the inside! The inside is holding my current project and my set of 4 round looms. The side pockets and 1 of the front pockets hold my long looms. The other front pocket has my loom tools, tape measure and yarn needles. The large pocket on the back holds my patterns, pattern books and even a magazine! This bag that looked a little small in the store holds a lot more than I thought it would. The only thing it doesn’t hold is my 22 inch long loom, but I think I would have had a very hard time finding a bag that would fit it. Can you guess what the original purpose of this bag was?? If you said DIAPER BAG, then you are correct!! I would guess that a craft store would charge around $30 for this “knitting bag” and if this was a true Vera Bradley bag, I am guessing about $70! I picked this up for only $12.99!!

2 thoughts on “How cool is this??

  1. OMG! Can we say LOOOOOOVE it! How awesome is that! This is a darling diaper bag and even cooler knitting tote! I want a purse like that! LOL Great shopping!

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