I heart Johnny!

Since I have been “threatened” that I better keep my blog updated, I figured I would post about my enjoyable evening viewing “Pirates of the Carribean…..Dead Man’s Chest”. This movie was awesome!…..but of course anything, I mean anything with Johnny is awesome. In addition to being eye candy, LOL, he is an incredibly gifted actor. I have seen many of his movies, but nowhere near all of them. One of these days I will get caught up. Some of my favorites of his are “What’s eating Gilbert Grape?”, “Chocolat” and of course who could forget his days on “21 Jump Street”! I am really looking forward to seeing him in “Sweeney Todd”. I have seen the musical and it will be interesting to see his take on it!

Getting back to “Pirates”…..The movie was 2 1/2 hours long, but seemed to fly by. It was action packed and very funny at times. There is no one like Captain Jack Sparrow! It ended with a great cliffhanger which has me chomping at the bit for the next sequel!


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